We have the tools and expertise to maximize your operation's potential.  Need support integrating all your applications - both on-premise and cloud based? We can help you build business agility, unify communications and increase capability across your organization.

Why Cedar Creek:

Business processes often form organically over time using a combination of manual workflow, document input and comparison, manual spreadsheets and email communication. While this can initially be effective, efficiencies are lost as an organizations grow.  Regulatory environments change, product guidelines alter and customer experience becomes tantamount. Manual or ad-hoc processes become bottlenecks. There is a better way, but it’s never obvious how to streamline processes and the perceived cost of a solution always seems to outweigh the potential value.

Cedar Creek Capital's foundation technology is a highly proven enterprise class automation engine that can drive all workflow processes and connectivity with currently deployed or proposed solutions - all with the need of writing software code - greatly reducing or eliminating development costs.  We deliver an effective business solution that’s custom to your requirements and vendor solutions and protocols - all with fully encompassed communication routines to all loan participants.  Rather than asking you to change or adapt to a complex platform or code based "hub," our customized solution is delivered as turn-key - nothing for you to develop or install.


Requiring no coding from scratch, our approach leverages an application platform we manage called Tasica™ — a toolkit of decision modules and database connections that we assemble to create a custom application to meet your specific needs. This approach drives custom automation at an affordable pricing model that exceeds expectations and budgets.



We can fully integrate your current applications, processes and data to maximize connectivity and process automation.

Custom Development

Our "no-code" development platform allows you to match your solutions and processes to your operation - without the development cost. Our Tasica™  platform allows users to collaborate and customize applications with the ease of clicking a mouse.

Application Hosting

Creating a secure network to support applications can be a challenge for any firms. Let us handle the technology.  No more server room costs or infrastructure responsibilities.  Our proven and SaaS hosting keeps your applications secure and running - you focus on your business.